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Premium Mini and Micro-Mini Goldendoodle Puppies Delivered Across America.

Premium Mini and Micro-Mini Goldendoodle Puppies Delivered Across America.

Premium Mini and Micro-Mini Goldendoodle Puppies Delivered Across America.Premium Mini and Micro-Mini Goldendoodle Puppies Delivered Across America.

Guardian Homes

Lula, a F1 Goldendoodle puppy in our guardian program.

What is a Guardian Home?

A Guardian Home is shared ownership of one of our dogs. We provide the puppy/dog and the Guardian Family provides love, care, and attention. We hold the breeding rights for the first four litters. The dog will live with its forever family but will visit us when it is time to breed or whelp their litters. When the breeding is complete, we will spay the dog and  full ownership is then signed over to the Guardian Family.

What is expected of the Guardian Family?

Guardian Families are expected to care for the dog physically and financially. They need to socialize and train the dog in basic obedience commands. They will need to keep the dog in good health by providing it with  high-end dog food and lots of exercise.   They must also take the dog to the vet for annual shots or when health problems arise (we will take care of all breeding related vet visits). It is also important that the Guardian Family be able to identify onset of the heat cycle and notify us when this occurs.

What are the requirements to be considered as a Guardian Family?


* Must live within 120 miles of St. George, Utah

* Must have previous experience with owning a dog or adequate knowledge of caring for a dog

* Must own and live in a home with a fully fenced yard and own a car

* Must not have any other intact male dogs in the home 

* Must be willing and able to drive a dog to and from the Breeder’s home for whelping and breeding

* Must be able to take the dog to the vet, exercise the dog regularly, and give the dog proper nutrition

* Must sign and abide by a Breeder and Guardian Agreement 

What happens when it is time to breed?

When the dog is old enough to safely breed the Guardian Family will bring her to us during the breeding process. She will then go back to the Guardian Family while she is pregnant. When it is time to have the puppies she will come back to us for 6-8 weeks while she whelps the puppies. The Guardian Family is welcome and encouraged to come visit during this time!

Future Guardian Homes

We are not currently taking any applications for Guardian Families at this time. If you would like to be considered in the future for one you may email us and be put on a waiting list.